4 Second Football is the best training football on the market. It’s the top of the line in football training equipment developed not just for the quarterback but for all positions. It improves timing, measures game speed, and enhances competition. The 4 Second Football is the first football with a built-in timer that will give you real-time data and analytics.

This groundbreaking device offers instant insights into your throwing precision, timing, and decision making which directly impacts your performance! With continuous data monitoring during your training or practice sessions, each throw matters. Watch as players elevate their focus and dedication, knowing that their performance is assessed through timing, speed, and efficiency.


The alarm will sound through the app if the ball is not released before the set time. This indicates the quarterback took a sack.


For camps and passing leagues this football will make the referee's job much easier.

Game Play

Prepare your weekly passing attack and strategy around timing with the 4 Second Football.

Smart Football

Use the best football on the market that gives data and analytics to build healthy competition, player confidence, and a high powered offense.

Your QB will Play and Think Faster Smarter Better !

Simulate real-time gameplay with a smart football that relays throw times to the quarterback.

Refer to past plays to check the most recent throw times during a practice session or game.

You can track a quarterback's progress up 6 months worth of data and compare it to other quarterbacks at the same time.